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Medical Legal Assessments

Medical Legal Assessments
If one of your clients has been injured as a result of an accident or a medical malpractice situation, you may need to partner with a company specializing in medical legal assessments. These evaluations, also known as Independent Medical Evaluations (or IMEs,) may be conducted to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment of an injury where liability is at issue. They may also be useful to determine whether or not an individual has garnered maximum benefit from his or her treatment, or to find out whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment. Medical legal assessments can be carried out on behalf of the insurance company, the employer or the legal representative. The professional conducting the examination does not form a doctor/patient or therapist/patient relationship with the individual in question.
Types of examinations performed typically include: neurological, orthopedic, psychiatric, chiropractic, vocational, ergonomic, and many more. A medical assessment company can provide other analyses, including medical file reviews, functional abilities evaluations, and physical demands analyses for specific jobs.
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Providing services that range from "Lunch and Learn” seminars to injury evaluation, a good medical assessment company offers quick access to a full roster of qualified experts.
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